How to identify people
who work with us?


Satisfying the needs of the fabricators and their company has always been the goal of our activities. We know well that, very often, finding themselves alone struggling on the market, they encounter problems of administrative, technical and commercial nature.

This is why, for over 40 years, our customers have been using exclusive services to support their business. We offer windows manufacturers advantageous solutions, with large margins, which we enrich by ensuring our profitable support and a constant presence over time to support sales.

The fabricators who choose Noval Group no longer waste time looking for the best supplier, and can focus on the services they offer. In this way, they have been able to dedicate time and resources to the care of the end customer and of the proposed service, and today they can stand out on the market and present themselves as reliable points of reference in the sector. The profit margins they have, make investments and innovation possible.

It is easy to identify the window fabricators who work with us:

  • They create a comfortable environment to receive their clients
  • They always have comprehensive catalogs and promotional material available
  • They work in an updated exhibiting space provided with all the samples and well divided by the workshop
  • They employ highly qualified employees that are technically and commercially trained
  • They are customer-oriented and willing to listen the client needs
  • They carefully listen the customer’s needs: often the solution is already in his words
  • They present the offer with professionalism and attention to detail
  • They carry out the installation phase with extreme care and professionalism
  • They are always updated on the latest regulations in force
  • They propose activities and ancillary services to build customer loyalty
  • They are available to the customer even after the sale

Noval Group offers window fabricators all the certainties and security they need. Thus, in turn, they can be confident, in front of the end customer, about the product and service offered, which are structured with attention and good analytical skills, enriched with accurate advice and with the guarantee of short delivery times.

Satisfied customers are our first salesmen, because they are the ones who will recommend us to others. Although thinking and behaviors are influenced by personality and social status, clients are mostly interested in long-term ideas and solutions that excellently meet their needs.
Luigi Castaldo | CEO

Window manufacturers who listen carefully to their customers and always respond with honesty and offering certainties are the ones who get the best results.

The constant dialogue between window manufacturers and Noval Group continues well beyond the sale. Each step of the process is agreed and respected, thus concluding the order on time and in a professional manner, respecting the agreements made with customers.

Last of all, excellent after-sales service is one of the most important points for business growth, to show sincere interest in the customer and differentiate from competitors.

We handle any possible after-sales problems with the fabricators. We consider it a great opportunity to learn from imperfections or small problems and thus act on our professional improvement.

Noval Group has always put at the center the needs of its customers thanks to the presence of specialized partners who act as intermediaries between architects or technical contractors and window fabricators.

The fabricator who chooses Noval Group always has a precious support team at his side which guarantees:

  • Cooperation between window fabricators and their projects
  • Distribution of technical catalogs in printed or digital version
  • Mediation between window fabricators and architects to draft offers
  • Technical support for preliminary calculations and feasibility studies
  • Support in the presentation of offers
  • Design of special profiles and customized solutions
  • Technical training and certified installation classes

For over 30 years our technology has been at the service of your windows. Request the free Technical Brochure for your business, using the form below. Inside you will find:

  • Our new collection

  • The most innovative products on the market
  • The best solution for your needs

We provide the most exclusive sales support services to windows fabricators, professionals and distributors.

The free access to the Quotation Tool will give you full control over your orders, from order confirmation to delivery phase, with no surprises.

Thanks to the Configurator you will be able to see in advance the new windows installed in the house: you can choose colors, material, dimensions, so as to have a realistic and accurate offer for the end client.

You will have an exclusive Noval App, designed to apply Augmented Reality to our products. With our support, you can have Augmented Reality Glasses to live immersive experiences.

All these services will make your sales experience unique in the field.
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