Transparent vision

Transparent vision


“It is not strength or intelligence that allows us to succeed in life, but persistence and perseverance.”

The Mission that we have always pursued is to provide high-quality and innovative solutions, both in the design and installation of window and door systems, customized for different types of buildings.

We are committed, with tenacity and passion, to meeting the needs of all our customers through a combination of high quality products, advanced technology and excellent services, offering sustainable solutions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings. Starting from the exclusive production of aluminum, Noval has continued to develop increasingly advanced systems to ensure excellent results in terms of insulation, safety and longevity.

Since its foundation, Domenico Castaldo, the founder, has always had the goal of offering his customers something more than just a quality product. Therefore, Noval has always stood out for its specialized technical support, both in the design phase and after-sales, as well as for innovation. Convinced that the future belongs to those who have the courage to be different, Noval focuses not only on the production of products that respect man and the entire ecosystem, but also on the relationship with the customer and his needs.

To date, Noval Group is known as the reference company for architects, window fitters, institutions and construction companies thanks to the superior quality of its fixtures. Furthermore, thanks to its production flexibility, Noval is able to create tailor-made systems to meet the specific needs of customers, while guaranteeing timeliness in the supply of the product

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