The Perks of Thermal Insulation

How to choose the right window systems to maintain an ideal microclimate and improve the energy efficiency of your home

Have you ever thought about how your window systems impact on keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer?

Among the things that contribute to good thermal insulation, doors and windows are undoubtedly key elements, because they can contribute significantly (up to 30%) to heat loss.

An old window with poor insulating properties, built with low quality materials or non-hermetically sealed, for example, can often be the cause of huge heat losses.

This is why it is essential to choose the right materials and the most suitable technologies to be reasonably certain of minimising heat dispersion, an essential condition for maintaining a good microclimate inside the house, saving energy and consequently cutting your household bills.


How do you measure the thermal resistance of you windows?

Is there a way to estimate the insulating capacity of a frame?
Yes! The so-called ‘thermal transmittance’ measures the rate of heat transfer through matter, i.e. a window or a door.

In most countries, Thermal transmittance (“U”) is expressed by the formula “W / (m2K)”, which relates energy (W stands for Watt), surface (m2 stands square meters) and temperature (K stands for Kelvin ).

The lower the value of the transmittance, i.e. the heat that transfers through the window, the higher the insulating power of the window.


What are the advantages of insulation?

Good thermal insulation is undoubtedly a significant advantage in all seasons, because it greatly contributes to keeping the house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Beyond the most evident effect, that of a more pleasant microclimate, a well insulated house is also a house with a higher energy efficiency, which allows for a lower heating and air conditioning consumption and significant savings in terms of energy and bills.

Last but not least, insulation also guarantees a lower rate of humidity and condensation, preserving the house from molds and all the problems connected with this issue.

Simply put, a well-insulated home is a more comfortable, efficient, and healthier home.


What other aspects do I need to consider when choosing a window system?

While good thermal insulation undoubtedly offers many advantages, it is still true that every house is unique. Upon choosing the right window systems, it will therefore also be necessary to take into account the specific features of your home, such as space organisation, context (i.e. house or apartment), exposure and so on. An expert installer will undoubtedly be able to provide you with all the right information, taking into account the laws and regulations establishing the minimum thermal transmittance thresholds to observe when installing new windows in a private home.


DC82: Noval’s latest heat management solution

Freshly presented to the market, the new DC82 series by Noval has been designed to offer thermal performances that guarantee very high savings on home heating.

This series has excellent water, air and wind resistance and an overall thermal transmittance (Uw) ranging from 1.30 to 1.02 in windows with airgel. DC82 lends itself to the construction of casement windows in various configurations. If you are looking for an innovative solution for the thermal insulation of your home, take a look at the technical data sheet or contact one of our experts for advice!