Why choose Noval products
for your Showroom?


We are by your side to grant you an attractive, innovative and unique setting.

This is why we not only create top-of-the-range windows, studied in design and produced with excellent quality raw materials. In addition to the best products, we offer you the most exclusive services.

Those who choose Noval products for their showroom have at their side not only a supplier, but an active partner in business growth. We at Noval guarantee experience and reliability, with a constant presence over time to support the sale.

Thanks to the services offered by Noval, you will offer your customers unique experiences in the sector, intercepting and satisfying their every need. You will be able to define the order in detail, thus guaranteeing compliance with both times and costs.

What we guarantee to showrooms:

  • Accurate samples of showroom windows

  • Material for flawless setting
  • Sales support materials: catalogs, technical sheets, product certifications
  • Innovative services: from the exact Quotation Tool to the advantages of Augmented Reality thanks to Noval App

  • Constant updates on the products and services
  • Punctuality in deliveries, flexibility in solutions
  • 360 ° assistance
  • Fast response times
  • Showroom tools
  • The possibility of enjoying special terms to have a Hololens viewer in your Showroom

Immersed in mixed reality with Noval

With Hololens anyone will be able to discover and customize the characteristics of their ideal window in your Showroom. It will be possible to select all the windows series and choose materials and colors, as well as be updated on all the features and advantages of choosing Noval products.


What do we offer to showrooms?
You will be able to exhibit samples of all our products, which we will provide along with accurate technical sheets and catalogs that are always updated. Thanks to our experience and the attention we pay to listening to the market, you will have products that meet the needs of your clients.
How to choose additional services?

Contact us to know more about all the additional services offered to Showrooms. You will have access to our accurate Quotation Tool, to the Configurator, and choose Hololens for an immersive experience in augmented reality.