• Overview

    Thermal break aluminum series with 30mm polyamide. This series stands out thanks to the wide range of possible configurations, from simple casement doors to pivots, up to tilt-slide windows. The excellent thermal and acoustic performances meet the energy saving needs and fight the noise pollution of our cities. All with top quality materials that guarantee unlimited durability.

  • Technical Description

    Basic Dimensions of the System:

    • Fixed frame 68 mm
    • Mobile frame 76 mm
    • Lateral overlap 6,5 mm
    • Gap between sashes 5 mm
    • Frame-sash external gap 5 mm
    • Available depth for glass 21 mm
    • Snap glazing beads or infill glass leaf

    Glazing Thickness: 40 mm.

    Features: Thermal insulation with mechanically assembled polyamide bars of 30 mm. Use of european groove hardware.

    ITT Classification:

    • Air permeability 4
    • Water resistance E 1050
    • Wind resistance C3

    Thermal insulation:

    • Uw value 1.57, calculated on a 1230x1480mm sample, using Ug 1.0 glass with warm edge spacer.
    • Uw value with Aerogel: 1.21, using Ug 0.9 glass.

  • Uses

    Possible configurations with TT76 CE:

    • windows
    • french doors
    • doors
    • wasistas
    • pivot
    • turn and tilt windows
    • tilt-slide windows
  • Variants

    TT76 SQ

    TT76 FP

    TT76 Giotto

    TT76 Plus

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