• Overview

    Aluminum-wood series with thermal break. Its features allow the realization of: casement windows. Described as the first hybrid system, thanks to the perfect proportion between the two materials that compose it: wood and aluminium. The balance and merging of these elements as mirror give the windows an attractive and modern look which suits perfectly in traditional buildings of historical centers as well.

  • Technical Description

    Basic Dimensions of the System:

    • Fixed frame 55 mm
    • Mobile frame 80 mm
    • Lateral overlap 6,5 mm
    • Gap between sashes 5 mm
    • Frame-sash external gap 4,5 mm
    • Available depth for glass 21 mm

    Glazing Thickness: 44,5 mm.


    • Wood anchorage with nylon blocks
    • Thermal insulation with 20 mm moulded polyamide bars, assembled mechanically
    • Sash available in 3 different sections
    • Use of perimetral hardware with three-dimensional adjustement.

    Profile junctions: 45°cut for aluminum profiles and 45° or 90° cut for wooden profiles.

    ITT Classification:

    • Air permeability 4
    • Water resistance E 750
    • Wind resistance B3

    Thermal insulation:

    • Uw value 1.49, calculated on a 1230x1480mm sample, using Ug 1.0 glass with warm edge spacer.
    • Uw value with Aerogel: 1.22, using Ug 0.9 glass.

  • Uses

    Possible configurations with Sth-Eco: Fixed glazing, windows, french doors, wasistas, tilt-slide opening, front doors.
  • Variants

    Sth-Eco SQ

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