Slide Vision

  • Overview

    Aluminum-wood series. Its features allow the realization of: large size lift-slide windows with 2-4 leaves with a carrying capacity up to 300 kg per leaf. Possibility to produce 1-2 pocket leaves for wide and panoramic spaces. It is the result of a thorough and meticulous research, and it brilliantly integrates in contexts where large openings are required. It links technology with a simple and elegant design.

  • Technical Description

    Basic Dimensions of the System:

    • Fixed frame 146 mm
    • Mobile frame 63 mm
    • Lateral overlap 11 mm

    Glazing Thickness: 30 mm

    Features: Wood Anchorage with nylon blocks. Possibility of fixing the glass with a mechanical seal aluminum profile.

    ITT Classification:

    • Air permeability 4
    • Water resistance 4A
    • Wind resistance A2

    Thermal Insulation:

    • Uw value 1.67, calculated on a 3500x2500mm sample, using Ug 1.0 glass with warm edge spacer.
    • Uw value with Aerogel: 1.39, using Ug 0.9 glass.

  • Uses

    Possible configurations with Slide Light: sliding solutions.
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