• Overview

    Aluminum series for internal doors. Its features allow the realization of internal doors with 1 or more leaves with possibility to apply locks, anti panic handles, push open and to realize pocket systems. It is perfect for interiors, both private and public, satisfying customers and architects’ demands for innovation and design.

  • Technical Description

    Basic dimensions of the system: Adjustable frame which can be applied to walls with a thickness from 80 mm up. Leaf thickness of 40 mm.

    Features: Rounded shapes, flexibility with countless types of leaf. Possibility to insert the framed panels directly in the intrados.Design and dimensions studied and manufactured for medical facilities: the small size of the profiles fights and minimizes the generation of dust and dirt.

  • Uses

    Possible configurations with Sfera: Interior doors with one or more casement leaves, sliding doors (counter frame for pocket doors, Scrigno – Eclisse model).

  • Variants

    Sfera Pannello

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