• Overview

    Thermal break aluminum series. Its features allow the realization of: lift-slide windows. Designed and manufactured in order to redefine and optimize the characteristics of lift-slide systems. Its advanced construction technology and refined design enable the realization of large glazings with a unique style and top-level performances.

  • Technical Description

    Base Basic Dimensions of the system:

    • Fixed frame 159 mm
    • Mobile frame 62 mm

    Glazing Thickness: from 32mm up to 42mm.

    Joints: Fixed frame at 90° with screws. Mobile frame at 45° with spring corner cleats.

    Thermal Insulation: Thermal Break made with 20mm bars and rails, both in polyamide.

    Type of Seal: Gasket in E.P.D.M.

    ITT Classification:

    • Air permeability 3
    • Water resistance 2A
    • Wind resistance B2

    Thermal insulation:

    Uw value 1.48, calculated on a 3500x2500mm sample, using Ug 1.0 glass with warm edge spacer

    Uw value with Aerogel: 1.22, using Ug 0.9 glass

  • Uses

    With the use of Landscape profiles, it is possible to realize: lift-sliding solutions.

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