Guide to fixtures

Guide to fixtures

The right choice of the frame

Functionality or aesthetics? Quality or convenience? These are often the questions that are referred to when needed choose the ideal fixture for your home or office. So why can’t you have it all? We at Noval have been working for about 35 years to find the right compromise between these alternatives, satisfying the most diverse needs. Let’s see together some features to take into consideration for the right choice of the frame:

  • Types of opening: Our proposal is hinged or sliding, pivot and book opening. The opening at swing is the most common and opens like a traditional door. The sliding opening allows you to slide the panels on a side track. The pivot opening opens both inwards and outwards. The opening at book is similar to a double leaf opening.
  • Frames: The frames can be made of various materials, but the golden mean is certainly the aluminum one, as light and resistant to corrosion. Furthermore, aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, which it means it can be recycled without losing its properties. The aluminum frames can therefore be considered an environmentally sustainable choice.
  • Shapes of Frames: Frames can have different shapes, such as rectangular, square, arc, or circular. There choice depends on the overall design of your home and your aesthetic preferences.

We remind you that factors such as thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and the safety when choosing the fixtures. Noval is successfully experimenting with the Airgel system in this regard: By using airgel panels inside the windows, it is possible to significantly reduce heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of the building. This results in lower energy consumption for heating or the cooling.

It also has sound absorbing properties which can help reduce noise transmission through the windows. This can help create a quieter environment within the building by isolating it from outside noise unwanted.

The Airgel system

Airgel is an insulating nanotechnology currently known on the global market. Used in NASA shuttles for its incomparable performance, Airgel was introduced for the first time in the window and door sector thanks to Noval, then came to life with a new generation of windows with extreme performance and respect for the fragile ecosystem in which we live.

Among the advantages of Airgel there are certainly the reduction of energy costs and improved thermal comfort. Thanks to the high insulating capacity of airgel, windows and doors that use it can help reduce energy costs in the heating and air conditioning of the building. Better retention of heat or cool inside helps reduce the need to use energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Improved thermal comfort: The use of airgel in windows and doors can help create a more comfortable internal environment. By reducing heat transmission through windows and doors, annoying cold areas near windows during the winter and hot areas during the summer are avoided.

This translates into lower energy consumption for heating or cooling. It also has sound-absorbing properties which can help reduce noise transmission through windows and doors. This can help create a quieter environment within the building, isolating it from unwanted external noise.

Innovation in our products

Wellbeing literally means Feeling Well, living our daily environments, living and working, following two precise directions: comfort and health. To these two elements, the Noval Group adds another fundamental one, eco-sustainability. Noval has long oriented its actions towards the environmental sustainability of its products and today realizes this commitment by obtaining the Certificazione EPD for your windows and doors. Noval’s is first and foremost an ethical and moral commitment towards the environment.

  • Air quality control: The windows can integrate air filtration systems that remove harmful particles and allergens present in the outside air. This will improve indoor air quality and contribute to a healthier environment for home occupants.
  • Natural light and solar control:Shutters will be designed to maximize the entry of natural light, which is known to positively impact emotional wellbeing and health. At the same time, they will be equipped with solar control systems that regulate the entry of heat and direct sunlight to ensure optimal thermal comfort.
  • Eco-friendly materials: The use of sustainable and low environmental impact materials for windows and doors can contribute to the general well-being of home occupants, improving indoor air quality and reducing exposure to harmful chemicals.

These innovations in the window and door sector aim to create more comfortable, healthy and pleasant interior environments, contributing to the well-being and quality of life of home occupants.

Speaking of environment and colors today, the options for fixtures, speaking of customization, go far beyond the traditional! Noval offers a wide range of shades and finishes, including neutrals, pastel tones, vibrant colors and metallics. This allows you to match the fixtures to the surrounding architecture or create interesting contrasts and focal points.

In addition to the color, it is possible to choose between different finishes and textures for the fixtures. For example, you can opt for smooth, matte, glossy or wood effect finishes, giving the fixtures a more traditional or modern look depending on your personal preferences.

Custom Design: The Noval Group allows complete customization of fixtures, allowing you to choose specific shapes, sizes and details. This allows you to create unique and distinctive fixtures that adapt perfectly to the architectural context and individual preferences. The customization and colors of the fixtures offer many creative opportunities to create internal and external environments that reflect your style and taste.

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