Tenacity helps the bold

The history of Noval begins in 1989, thanks to its founder, Domenico Castaldo.

There are stories that need to be told, because they hide the true value of a company and its products: knowing the process behind what may seem like a simple window allows us to understand the difference between any brand and a real brand.

Noval was born as a company of windows and doors, high quality products, but what Domenico pursued was the concept of “originality” and “planning”; and that concept of “exclusive”, which today represents almost a synonym of the company itself, was still far away. For the company, who worked there and who founded it, it was not enough to be a simple supplier, there was much more, still too much to discover and experience.

Culture leads to Bravura

Domenico begins to devote himself to study, invention and design. Inspiration comes from art, the environment, safety and geometry. The first drawings come to life, as well as the first satisfactions.

In 1989, the first Noval System was launched on the market.

Domenico understands that the key to differentiation lies in selling the finished product only to window manufacturers, excluding any other commercial network. However, the vision proves too far ahead of its time: costs are too high and the competition is still too dominant. Still unaware of what the future holds for him, understanding that the company vision seems premature, the commercial network is strengthened, aware that the right time will come. Noval resists the passage of time and the economic and commercial crises of the sector that follow one another over the years, managing to build a name and a reputation.

The Eyes of Youth

Meanwhile, Luigi, Domenico’s son, is growing up in the beating heart of Noval. Since he was a child, he has lived in the company, spending hours immersed in the courtyard, among the workers and his family. He approaches materials, breathes drawing, feeds on art and absorbs the words of the professionals who frequent that place. In his future dreams, the family business didn’t exist: like everyone else, he wanted to follow his own path, encouraged by that father who had fought to make his dream come true. At the dawn of the global economic crisis, young Luigi begins to look at Noval with different eyes, as something he can lead through the storm and bring out stronger than before. The challenge runs in his blood: it means starting almost from scratch, starting from the same crisis, and the very vision of the company evolves.

Nulla dies sine linea

As of today, in 2023, Noval products are sold in more than 15 countries, as well as the United States. This is because all products are 100% Made in Italy, and guarantee the highest quality, certifications and the typical elegance of the Italian tradition.

But the company has adopted the Latin saying “no day without training”: every day there is a different challenge, a new studio, a new project, new visions.

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