Certification EPD

Certification EPD

NOVAL PROGETTI SRL: NOVAL windows obtain EPD certification

Noval projects srl has long since oriented its actions towards the environmental sustainability of its products and today it makes this commitment concrete by obtaining the EPD certification for its windows and doors.

Noval Progetti is above all an ethical and moral commitment to the environment. Aware that every activity and every action has an impact on the environment, it has decided to investigate the environmental impacts related to the production, transport, use and end of life of its products, quantifying the flows by declaring them in specific environmental indicators identified by the voluntary legislation in force.

The EPD declaration is the tool currently available to effectively communicate and disseminate the environmental information of your products, it is useful for:

  • to respond to the demands of a legislative framework that is increasingly attentive to the issues of sustainability of building components and buildings, think of the GPP and the Minimum Environmental Criteria for Buildings
  • Noval Progetti in order to continue to improve and optimize its production process, using adequate resources, optimizing the use of raw materials, minimizing energy consumption
  • to improve communication between producers by avoiding greenwashing and vagueness of terms and information, and to encourage other producers to make informed choices
  • for the consumer to guide their choices making them more aware

At the basis of an EPD is the analysis of the life cycle of products based on the LCA methodology, Life Cycle Assessment, which defines the consumption of resources and the impacts on the surrounding environment in the various phases of the cycle itself. The phases analyzed consider the entire life cycle of the windows, from their production (phases A1-A3) to their disposal, then the end-of-life phases including module D of the potential for reuse, recovery or recycling.

All the EPDs have been verified and validated by a third party which has certified the truthfulness of the contents.

The EPDs of Noval Progetti products can be downloaded at the following link:

EPD number Family Products
SP09003 System for windows Superthermic Series
SP09005 French window system Superthermic Series
SP09006 French door lifting system Landscape Series
SP09007 System for windows TT76 Series
SP09008 French window system TT76 Series
SP09009 System for windows STH ECO Series
SP09010 French window system STH ECO Series
SP09011 System for windows DC82 Series
SP09012 Sliding window system Mikonos Series
SP09013 French window system DC82 Series

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