Approaching the Future with Strategy and Innovation

Latest generation products, cutting-edge services and tech evolution have been are at the heart of Noval’s most recent innovations, recently presented in Naples 

Innovating products, strategies, services and communication: this has been the main topic under the spotlight at the presentation event by Noval Group the took place on November 20 in Naples, against the backdrop of the magnificent Gran Salone Margherita.

Before an audience of 220 clients and stakeholders, the speakers took turns in presenting the latest market trends, illustrating the company’s new products and services and demonstrating some major technological innovations.

The event has been a momentous occasion to take stock of the current situation and discuss the upcoming projects, as well as to share the ideas that will shape the future of the company and of the entire industry.

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Green & Digital Transformation: Improving Products and Services through Sustainability and Technology

Among Noval’s sustainable solutions for thermal insulation and energy efficiency is the new DC82 series, designed to offer performance that guarantee very high savings on heat consumption.

Digital transformation, on the other hand, is the main goal of the new, increasingly customised services that Noval has created for final customers, installers and showrooms: the App allowing individuals to experience products and configure their new home window systems via augmented reality; the online Configurator to get a hyper-realistic preview of the installation in a given space; the Quotation Tool designed for Noval consultants to quickly estimate the costs of a new project.

Finally, in collaboration with tech partner Netminds, Noval Group will be the official demonstrator of a brand new service that leverages the latest virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality technologies: Noval View. 
Thanks to an advanced viewer and immersive technology, this tool augments the showroom space allowing anyone to customise the features of their ideal window systems by choosing the materials and experiencing the result in real time through virtual reality.