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In this critical economic phase, offering ad hoc solutions and committing to work always by your side is the best product that we can grant in time.

Luigi Castaldo | CEO

Noval Group is a company established in 1989 by Domenico Castaldo, and specialized in the design and production of aluminum and aluminum-wood systems for windows.

Initially dedicated exclusively to the trade of aluminum profiles and accessories for manufacturers, Noval then began to design its own line of window systems, managing over time to offer one of the widest ranges in the sector, with solutions for any type of need.

Noval product is the perfect blend of high technology and refined design: on the one hand, the increasingly performing systems assure the best results in terms of insulation, safety and durability, on the other hand, the importance given to the aesthetic factor – proved by the wide range of systems ranging from aluminum to aluminum-wood up to minimal profiles – allows customization in colors, shapes and designs, thus granting full freedom to the customer’s creativity.

But Noval mission is to give its customers something more than a mere quality product. That is the reason why we focus on offering specialized technical support both in the design and post-sales phases, giving all our partners the certainty of having an assistance tailored to their needs.

It is thanks to this attention to the customer, to the innovative products, to the refined design, to the first-choice materials, to the control of the production systems, that Noval Group has reached a leading position in the national and global market, spreading the elegance of Made in Italy in more than 20 countries, including Libya, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Ghana, UAE, Taiwan, and thus becoming an outstanding icon of quality and reliability.

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Luigi Castaldo
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